Welcome to the Keone'ula Elementary School website!¬†¬†September 2 is Labor Day and there is no school for students.  September 9 is a Professional Development Day and there is no school for students.
Keone`ula School Counseling Program
School counselors provide a comprehensive counseling program that addresses the academic, career and personal/social development of all students. We provide support to help nurture student potential and academic development. We help to develop and maintain a safe and caring learning environment, where all students can and want to learn.
Please contact us at 689-1380, or visit us in the Student Support building, located across from the main office, if you have any questions or concerns regarding your child.
Mr. Aaron Chung:
Grades: K (E105-E107), 2, 4, 6
Mrs. Heather Saito (Iguchi)
Grades: K (E108-E110), 1, 3, 5
Who Can See the Counselor?
The counselor's door is always open to support the needs of all students at Keone`ula Elementary. Counselors meet weekly with students in group and individual sessions to provide students with guidance on issues impeding learning or emotional/social development, such as:
  • Peer relationships
  • Social skills
  • Family transitions i.e. Deployment, divorces, death/illness
  • Anger management
  • Self-esteem
We are also always available for drop-in counseling as issues or needs arise.
Counselor Services
Here are some of the responsibilities that we have at Keone`ula Elementary School:
  • Guidance lessons- Counselors implement classroom guidance lessons concerning a variety of topics. Problem-solving, peer relationships, and conflict-resolution skills are examples of guidance lessons taught.
  • Individual and Group Counseling-We provide counseling for individual and groups of students to teach skills they will need in order to be successful in the school setting.
  • Observations-Counselors can observe classrooms and students to help adults gain a better perspective in ways to support our students.
  • Consultations- As a team (teachers, other staff members, students, and parents) we can explore interventions and alternatives to best support students.
  • Coordinate school-wide activities – We organize events such as the Halloween Parade, Semester Awards Assemblies and Spirit week.
  • Hawaii State Assessment Coordinator – We are responsible for organizing the annual Hawaii State Assessments, ensuring test security and making sure eligible students take the required tests.
  • Home-school students – We are the Home-School liaisons. If your child is home-schooled, or you are thinking about Home-schooling your child, please feel free to contact one of us.
  • Student Service Groups – We supervise various student service groups, such as the Junior Police Officer (JPO) program, Student Council and Student Ambassadors.